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Your Career as Penetration Tester

If you are looking for your future as a penetrator tester, then this article is surely going to do lots of favour with the growing online world, the inclination of firms and industries is mainly towards the maintenance of the security of their data. For this purpose, penetration testers are hired who keep a check as of who have the access to some particular data and who do not, Maryville or general or naked

What Is Penetration Testing:

The practice of looking into a computer or network in order to fix the security issues if any, with the purpose to avoid the hackers or cyber-criminals to attack the personal or professional data is termed as penetration testing

This testing seems to be more is need these days, as the cyber-crimes are too increasing at a steady pace along with the growth of the online world. During penetration testing, the penetration tester plays the role of a hacker (but a loyal one) i.e. he tries to think as a hacker and then makes an attempt to look through all the malwares and defects in the security system. Moreover, along with the weakness, he also tries to lay emphasis on the stronger parts too.

So, as to be sure where the security system is strong enough to face cyber-criminal attacks and where it is lacking.

Responsibilities of Penetration Tester:

Under the Bureau Lakers Statistics (BLS), pen testing has been categorised as “Information Security Analysis”. The duties of a pen testers are:

1. To operate formal tests on the computers.
2. To carry out security assessments on regular intervals of time.
3. To check the malwares in the web application and standard applications.
4. To look for new and better penetration tools and tests.
5. To help the organization in carrying a security policy.
6. Making amendments in the present security system, so as to make it harder to bear any cyber threats.
7. To provide feed-back and verification in order to get the security issues fixed.

Pen testers are, today in need in all the spheres. But until and unless you don’t gain some working experiences, it is going to a sort of difficult to attain an advanced level position. Once you gain the appropriate qualifications and work experience, you can be hired as a:

1. Security Architect
2. Security Consultants
3. Senior Penetration Tester